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Transit Maps

A navigation app that lets you download, save, and view large-format maps in PDF and image formats. For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Retina-ready map viewer. Transit Maps works at the native resolution of the Retina displays on the iPad and iPhone. The map viewer supports image sizes of several thousand pixels in each direction, with pinch zoom and drag scrolling.

Download maps, schedules, and other PDF or image files. Use the built-in web browser to choose and download your map image.

Saves maps for offline use. View any saved maps or images even without internet access.

Built-in Philadelphia rail system map. Includes an unofficial map of the Philadelphia rail system by Lucius Kwok.


Best app to store detailed PDF type files.

— CAQmd

Very simple and easy to use.

— Res2773







Why is this app rated 12+?

The app allows unfiltered access to the Internet via the "Add Map" function, so Apple requires that I rate the app 12+ for the possibility of accessing anything on the Internet. This is why you might see a warning. It has nothing to do with anything included in the app.

How do I load files from my Mac computer?

You can put your image files (PDF or JPG, GIF, or other bitmap formats) in your User ~/Sites folder. Then go into System Preferences->Sharing and turn on Web Sharing. In the panel, you should see the URL address to access your personal website. Enter this URL into the Transit Maps app by tapping "Add new map..." and tapping the URL button, then entering the URL from your Mac. In the web page that appears, clicking on the file will load it into the app.