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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready to train for a half marathon?

Most people say that if you can run three miles, you can run a half marathon. We suggest that your minimum level of fitness be that you're able to run 3 miles at least 3 times a week. If you recently finished our Run 5k and Run 10k apps, you can train for a half marathon.

How do I listen to music while using the app?

Set up a playlist in iTunes. Then start your music there before going into the app. You'll be able to use the music controls within the app to skip songs or choose a different playlist, so you won't have the leave the app during your workout.

What if I run on a treadmill or indoor track?

After your workout, you can manually enter the distance, pace, or time you spent running on the treadmill or track by tapping on the Compose button on the bottom right corner of the workout day page. The app will save your information and check off the workout in the calendar.

What if I want to switch a Rest day for a Run day?

On the day you want to run, go to the Run day page you'll be skipping in the app and hit Start. When you're done with that run, it'll save the date that you ran it and check off the run in the calendar.

If I switch to another app, will the app keep running in the background?

Yes. Even if you lock your screen, the app will keep running until you want to end your workout.

How do I adjust the audio cues volume?

Tap the gear button in the top right corner of the app to adjust the voice volume.

What should I do if I don't hear the audio cues at all?

Make sure your device's volume is turned up and that the ringer/silent switch or mute switch is not set to silent/vibrate. You have to adjust the volume while playing music or while one of the voice cues is playing. For the halfway cue and last mile cue, also make sure that they're turned on in the Settings in the app.

How do I reset my workouts to get rid of the calendar checkmarks and my running data?

Tap the gear button, and then tap on "Reset Progress and Start Over" at the bottom of the screen.

How do I contact you?

Email us at